To Our Compassion Acts Friends:

With great delight, we welcome you into the Freedom’s Promise family! As you may already know, Freedom’s Promise recently accepted the mission and operations of Compassion Acts as a generous gift. This decision was made out of a desire and calling to serve with greater intentionality and resources, while also giving people more opportunities to engage.

We are honored and grateful to be entrusted with the vision and legacy of Michal Ann Goll, James Goll’s late wife. Her desire to serve others and demonstrate how “compassion acts” is dear to us as we bring Compassion Acts into our heart. We believe that together we can serve the Kingdom in a greater capacity by bringing freedom to the oppressed.

Freedom’s Promise and Compassion Acts have been in a collaborative relationship for three years, and we are committed to determining the best way to fully integrate Compassion Acts. The Ministry will carry forward under the leadership of Mark Roye and Mike Lynch, who will both continue to serve in their current roles.

For those of you new to Freedom’s Promise, we invite you to learn about our story and our work. As you read, we hope you will see the strong connection between the identity of Freedom’s Promise and Compassion Acts. This decision to receive responsibility for Compassion Acts comes from our prayerful sense that God is asking us to accept more responsibility and broaden our opportunities to serve.

Today, September 15, 2016, marks eight years since Michael Ann went home to be with the Lord. If you would like to give a gift for the continued work of Compassion Acts in remembrance of her life and vision, you can give here and it will be designated for Compassion Acts. You may also choose to sign up for email updates.

Please accept our warm and joyful welcome to all of you who have supported Compassion Acts over the years. Our desire is to serve as Jesus did, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a community and its people. And we look forward to doing this alongside you!

–  The Staff & Board of Directors at Freedom’s Promise







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