Thanks to all who have been praying for the two brave girls assaulted by the monks. We have a wonderful update from our partner on one girl’s progress.

“Thanks for all your prayer for these two girls.

Yesterday, I got a call from one of the girls. She felt very strong by having the church people and all of us supporting her. She will not give up her study.

She said her whole family wants to become Christian as they lost the trust in the monks. Her parents asked to have a cell group at their house.

Let’s keep our praise to God!” – Phany, director of Kone Kmeng

I have been speaking to groups recently about Freedom’s Promise and the work we are doing. One thing I touch on is that we serve a God of Justice. It’s hard to understand why so much injustice is allowed, why evil runs rampant and why the innocent are hurt! But we have to trust in God even when we don’t understand.

At the age of six I was molested and the loss of my innocence has been difficult to take even to this day. But I understand now why God allowed that experience – it gave me a very small glimpse into the lives of these girls who are daily abused by so many men. There is a drive in me to help prevent children from being trafficked and exploited. Here, we see from our partner that God had plans we couldn’t understand. An entire family is coming to know the Lord because of the despicable actions of 3 monks.  What they meant for evil, God used for good. Who knows how God will use this one girl to affect change in Cambodia because of the pain she endured. He will use all things for his good if we allow it. Please continue to pray for healing for these girls and we will continue to provide updates on their progress.  – Amber

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