It’s 4am on Tuesday morning here and I’m wide awake thinking about our first day in Cambodia. I love that every time we come, we start with a plan and then once we hit the ground God sets our course! Today was no different as He steered my time with impromptu meetings. I am also so blessed by our partners here – for their insight into the culture and knowing best where our money will bear the most fruit.

When I first founded FP, God gave me the verse James 1:27. I was confused for years by this because in our efforts to prevent trafficking I didn’t think we were truly working with widows and orphans. But two years ago God revealed the deepest root of trafficking here is the men. I do speak generally because there are many men who are doing incredible work and are men of character and integrity. All too often and in most provinces, there is a general,self focused mindset of Cambodian men. They drink, smoke and gamble the little money they have and leave their wives endeavoring to scrounge enough money for food, medical care and an education for their children. And when there still isn’t enough they send a daughter to the brothel to work or a factory with unfair wages in order to have that child send money home.

I’ve been thinking and praying on how we change the mindset of men and the answer is both simple and complex. Jesus is the only one who can transform the hearts and minds of man. True the world over! So I’m left with the question of what can FP do? And, today I see God paving a way. Again he introduces me to another atypical Cambodian man. On my first trip it was Phany, my third Koy and this time Somath! Please pray for these men whom God has transformed and called to do his work! I see God paving a path in what seems a dark and impenetrable situation. I am confident that He will provide the resources we need at the right time to strike at this central root of trafficking – as we do our part to bring about the transformation of men’s hearts and minds. Because if we stop demand we stop supply, if we transform the minds and hearts of men through the love of Jesus – we change the very fabric of the family, community and eventually a country.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Thank you for placing your trust in us. We don’t take that lightly and we are working hard to ensure our funding bears much fruit and brings about lasting change!

Blessings, Amber

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