I better understand why updates from the field have been so slow. The team has been going from about 6:30am to 9:30pm every day. Most have had little bouts with sickness – nothing serious, just food or water bacteria that is inevitable no matter how careful they are.

There will be a little more downtime in the days to come…but as Mike said, “we did not come to have down time but to serve. Our bodies are starting to wear out. Everybody is in incredible spirits though. We have an absolutely incredible team. Christ focused. Serving in love. Absolutely amazing to be apart of and witness.”

Caroline said they are doing sooo well and have been extremely busy!! God is good and great things are happening here! She also said Poi Pet has been good – not as oppressive as our last visit.

Jeb said they are long days. The team awakened one morning at 4am to loud speaker Buddhist chants just outside their windows.

They could use prayer for strength and endurance. Their spirits are high so pray that their bodies stay strong for the next week!

We will just keep posting blogs even after they are back to share about their experience and the amazing work they are doing! Be ready because I may be posting several a day for the next few days!

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