Desperate for a job, she is offered a way out of her rural village.

She is told a new life and a job in another place await her. When she gets there, her dream is shattered by the reality.

In her new world, she is a slave.

Cambodia ranks third for the highest estimated prevalence of modern slavery per capita (Global Slavery Index, 2015). While strides have been made, children under the age of 16 once accounted for as many as 35% of the sexually exploited in Cambodia (UNICEF).

What causes this?

A history of mass genocide that left a country in shambles. High levels of poverty and a lack of job opportunities resulting in cross-border migration. Gender roles, corruption, a broken justice system and ill-equipped leadership. These are among the factors increasing the nation’s vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation.

As a result, an estimated 256,800 live in slavery in Cambodia.

Brokenness and poverty feed the cycle of oppression.

Why prevention?

We long for the day that no man, woman or child lives in slavery.

A front-end strategy that empowers and protects people from ever becoming victims is how we work toward that day.

Steps can be taken to prevent the cyclical disease of human trafficking.  The causes of the disease are known.  We can lessen the need for treatment.

There is hope and freedom to come.


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