The team left Phnom Penh on Thursday and traveled to Kampong Thom where they spent Friday in clinics. This is our third time setting up clinics in this province and I know the team is enjoying the sweet people from these villages. On our last trip we were able to bring a wheel chair to a man the team had treated previously. We also helped a young boy who had fallen from a tree and broken his collar bones and hip. They were unable to get to a hospital to seek treatment and so a team member donated the funding needed for a taxi. I’m excited to hear updates from the team on how our friends in Kampong Thom are doing.

Saturday morning they climbed Santuk Mountain. It is a serious climb up 809 stairs to the monastery on top. Children will travel by their side and fan them for a small donation. It’s hot and the climb is hard so the fanning is actually quit nice! After another clinic Saturday afternoon, the team and translators piled into the vans and headed to Poi Pet. This is a city on the boarder of Cambodia and Thailand that sees a lot of trafficking across the boarder and suffering among the poor. Our last trip to Cambodia was the first time we went to Poi Pet and it’s the first time I had ever experienced darkness and oppression in Cambodia. I know we are fighting oppression but in Poi Pet it’s palpable.

It’s Sunday morning for them right now and they are serving at the new church Rose & Perlito have established. They will help with service this morning and then run a clinic this afternoon. Monday and Tuesday will be all day clinics. We saw more suffering, more serious sickness and hopelessness in Poi Pet than any where else in Cambodia. Please pray for the team and all those they will help the next three days. At this point they are tired, some may be experiencing stomach sickness due to food or water contaminants. They need prayers for refreshment and endurance physically, mentally and spiritually.

Good news is they will have easy access to Internet at the hotel in Poi Pet. So we should get some good updates from them. Thanks all – more to come.

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