The Board of Directors and Staff of Freedom’s Promise are thrilled to share some next big steps as we move forward together to prevent human trafficking and free people from oppression. These decisions reflect our desire and calling to serve communities in a greater way, while allowing people more opportunities to engage in the work. Throughout this process of strategic planning and vision casting, we have seen the Lord guide us and continue to shape the very identity of Freedom’s Promise.

After much consideration and prayer, we adopted a new mission statement that we feel aligns with our ministry and goals. It begins with Christ, focuses on prevention and creates foundations that allow communities to thrive.

To bring freedom to the oppressed by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ, preventing human trafficking, and restoring communities

fpmissionstatementinfographic_images_emailversion-2From our work on the ground today to our desires for future growth, you will see this mission statement reflected in all that we do. This statement serves as a guiding compass for Freedom’s Promise.

In strong connection to our mission statement, we recently accepted the mission and operations of a like-minded initiative, Compassion Acts, as a generous gift. Compassion Acts allows mission-minded people in the U.S. to demonstrate how “compassion acts” to others in times of need, both domestically and abroad.

Freedom’s Promise and Compassion Acts have worked collaboratively for three years. As part of their outreach to others, Compassion Acts builds playgrounds in Cambodia that encourage children to dream. These playgrounds are a strong connection to our current work in that recreation is one way to keep children safe and build healthy communities.

We will continue to determine the best way to fully integrate the Compassion Acts team into the Freedom’s Promise family. We extend a warm welcome to the leadership of Mark Roye and Mike Lynch, who will continue to serve in their current roles.

These exciting decisions are the result of much prayer and belief that God is asking us to accept more responsibility and broaden our opportunities to serve, particularly as this work empowers communities to prevent slavery from gripping their people.

Since setting out in 2007, we have known there is no one way to prevent human trafficking. It takes serving as Jesus did, and addressing the needs of a community and its people from all angles.

Freedom’s Promise has served as a bridge from the comforts of our homes to the desperate need in Cambodia, where the lack of opportunities and oppression of poverty so often lead people to the bondage of modern-day slavery. Our hope is that the people desiring to be more involved in the efforts against modern-day slavery will have more opportunities to be involved as a result of the broadening of our work. We look forward to walking this road with the many people who long to see that freedom is available for the oppressed.

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