Today I joined Prayer Surge Now and National Highway of Prayer along with other abolitionist leaders and prayer intercessors for a brilliant two hour conference call.  I was honored to be asked to speak and was encouraged by the other abolitionist leaders working to eradicate slavery.

What most impressed me was the unity of the body at work. There are folks who God has burdened with prevention of trafficking, others for the men who buy sex and create the demand, others for the pimps and traffickers who are so lost they feel it’s okay to barter and sell God’s precious people, and still others for governments, world powers, and civic leaders who perpetuate trafficking through corruption or ignorance. There was not judgment on the line today but a resounding call for repentance and revival. In each presentation and prayer the theme was the same.  The Ecclesia must repent for the part it has played in perpetuating human trafficking, become unified and start acting like the kingdom of God!

Rick Lumbard with CERTEC also spoke on the global issues of human trafficking and he said something I found very stirring. “It is not a good day to play ministry – we need to play kingdom and play it well!”

If you are reading this and think you have not contributed in some way to slavery, I would encourage you to look around your home, the places you shop, restaurants you eat at – and evaluate again. Freedom’s Promise has focused on the sex slavery side of human trafficking but it doesn’t mean that labor trafficking, bride trafficking, and indentured servitude are not equally disturbing and important to God.

The reality we must face is that human trafficking is a global epidemic that impacts everyone. It is happening in both developed and undeveloped countries. It is happening in all 50 US states and is quickly becoming a vast problem here. There are between 750,000 – 1 Million missing children every year in America. We are now seeing reverse trafficking happening in the United States.  Child prostitution is so bad here that people are coming to the United States to have sex with children. There is a serious break down in our morals that we say to ourselves – anything goes. (Tony Nassif, Preventing Abuse, CA)

There will be another call on Wednesday night and I encourage you to call in and listen to the speakers, here how best to pray for those on the front lines of the fight. In reality, we are all on the front lines but most don’t know it. Imagine the impact we could have if the body of Christ unified itself, repented of the part they have played in enslaving people, and stopped perpetuating slavery!

Wednesday, Jan 11, 7-8 pm Central
Conference Call Number & Code
712-432-0075 & 6149782#

Below is a transcript of my 5 minute talk on the call this morning.

At that time I did not know there were still slaves in the world. I was unaware that children, women and men were being exploited for either sex or labor purposes. It’s happening in every country both third world and developed. There are cases in all 50 US states. It does not discriminate against race, gender, age or religious background. Modern day slavery, human trafficking is about vulnerable people being exploited for someone’s economic gain.

This is an overwhelming and difficult issue so it gives me comfort to find rest in the fact that I serve a God of justice. He uses everything in our lives, everything, for His good.  When I was six I was molested and the impact that has had on my life has been profound. That experience gives me a small glimpse into the devastation women and children experience when they are brutalized multiple times a day.

We recently received a report from our partners about 2 young girls in our project that were raped by 3 monks.  The next report we received one girls entire family came to know the Lord.

We have to be willing to humble ourselves to the point where our worst moments become the Lord’s greatest victories. While we can’t always understand why bad things happen to the innocent – we do serve a God of justice. He has a purpose and plan for the good and bad in our lives.

(2 Chronicles 7:14)  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”

Slavery is not new to God but it is growing rapidly today!  We hear stats that say, human trafficking is the 2nd largest growing criminal industry in the world. If slavery has always existed what has changed that it’s now growing so rapidly? Yesterday I read an article in Forbes titled Technology, Business and Anti-Human Trafficking Innovation and a light bulb went off – technology.

Technology is our friend but can also be used by the enemy. The Internet is the number one platform for buying and selling sex in most developed countries., and others are the main source of marketing for pimp controlled sex trafficking, brothels, pornography, massage parlors and escort services.

With the rise of technology, travel has become easier and sex tourism in Asia has grown. Thankfully the Internet has also been a tool used by government, non-profits, business, law enforcement, social networks and technology innovators to educate and advocate for ending human trafficking.

It is no coincidence to us that Cambodia is ground zero for human trafficking in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.  We see that where money, power and technology  exist – greed, corruption, and exploitation also exists. In the 18th century this was true of Europe, in the 20th century the United States and in the 21st Century it is shifting to the East.

The Gospel has followed here too. God is on the move and Asia is now ground zero for the Gospel.  Human trafficking is prominent in Asia, making it ripe for change to occur in people’s lives. There is destruction, injustice, hatred, violence…and the people want change. They are open to change. They are open to the Gospel.

Freedom’s Promise works at the humanitarian effort of bringing justice to unjust situations, we also bring the Gospel. Love in Action. We make a difference – not primarily through our work but through the work of the Holy Spirit; through the person of Jesus Christ, bringing light to darkness. Hatred shattered and God glorified. Love wins. God wins

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