For those of you who have followed the story of the motorcycle accident that Perltio and I had in January, I have exciting updates.  If you would like to read our full story, click HERE  to link to my blog from that time.  But in brief, Perlito is a pastor here in Poi Pet and a dear friend of Freedom’s Promise.  When I was in Cambodia in January of this year, Perlito and I were in route to Kampong Thom when a car hit our moto.  By the grace of God, we were both alive, but Perlito required surgery to set a fractured femur.

“…So are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  Isaiah 55:8

Yesterday, I stood next to Perlito at his church in Kampong Thom as he recounted the last six months of the Lord’s faithfulness.  With tears streaming down my face, I realized at that moment that we were finally together at our original destination.

When we set out from Poi Pet on January 30th, we thought we had an easy 4-hour ride ahead of us.  Little did we know that the journey we were about to embark upon would actually take 6 months, a lot of pain, tears of sadness and joy, difficult goodbyes, sweet hellos, and for me – four countries and seven plane flights.  But here we were, and Perlito was standing.  The many Skype calls, trips to the doctor accounted over email, and rehab plan revisions were all worth it. Perlito still has a long way to go before playing soccer…but that day will come.

I am reminded that, often, the journey of life looks a lot like this.  We have a plan, an intended destination.  We think we can estimate the amount of time it will take to get there, the work involved, and the outcome.  Our plans seem well laid, and we can taste what it might feel like to be successful.  But I would submit (thanks Jamie) that this is not how the Lord sees our lives.  He sees the person we will become at the end, He sees the relationships that are built as we walk along the path, He sees our hearts – the things we most need to deal with.  In a place of pain and suffering, when the resolution is not in sight, He wants to be the one we run to.  He forces nothing, yet he expects everything.

Maureen, one of the pharmacists on this trip, led a beautiful devotion this morning and referenced Genesis 50:20, which reads, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”  This verse rings true over and over again in our story.  Yesterday, we took four vans full of medical professionals, translators, and supplies over the exact spot where Perlito and I once hit the asphalt.  What was meant to harm us is now fuel for us to continue serving and loving the poorest of the poor.

I also want to express how grateful we are for all of your prayers and even financial support for the hospital bills for Perlito.  It has been a difficult year, but also wonderful in many ways – thanks to many of you.  – Claire

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