While FP has chosen the focus of prevention, we still feel we are searching for what we uniquely have to offer in the fight against trafficking. This was the focus of our meeting with Phany and Laura of Kone Kmeng.

We partnered with Kone Kmeng to implement the RVC & NLH projects and like many of our supporters – you have no idea what that stands for or what these projects really do. We want to really focus our prevention work in Cambodia and we want to better communicate that work to you our supporters.

So, here is what you can look forward to! We will be supporting Kone Kmeng projects in Cambodia that have a minimum requirement to provide education, protection & prevention, income generation and spiritual growth. Beyond these four elements each project addresses community specific needs. We will soon have a map on our website that will let you click on a project to learn more about the community and their stories. Our hope is to provide good stewardship, transparency and accountability in all our projects.

It is morning here of Day 2. We are off to meet with our other partner Precious Women and shop for products to bring back to the US. More tonight on our day.

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