The long-term eradication of human trafficking requires a prevention strategy. And we believe prevention is achieved by approaching the problem from many different angles.


Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, generating more than $150 billion USD every year.

On any given day, it is estimated that over 40.3 million people worldwide are victims of modern slavery. 

Of those 40.3 million people, an estimated 24.9 million are living and working in conditions of forced labor in industries such as agriculture, garment production, domestic servitude, and the sex industry. 15.4 million are estimated to be in forced marriage.

1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children.  (ILO 2017)

Although human trafficking is a phenomenon that impacts every region of the world, Southeast Asia is well-recognized as an international hub. High rates of poverty, combined with a lack of job opportunities, education, and infrastructure, influence many individuals to seek employment opportunities abroad through illegal migration and third-party brokers. Traffickers prey upon these vulnerable people groups, and upon arrival, they are unexpectedly forced into slavery. 

Our Solution: Thrive

We have found that restoring communities reduces the likelihood of migration across borders and empowers family units, resulting in the prevention of human trafficking. We work to equip leaders who share our vision to see all people know freedom from oppression and the love of Jesus Christ.

Preventing Slavery through Community Development

The following THRIVE Model of Freedom’s Promise has been developed over the years since our foundation in 2007. We follow best-practice standards by equipping local leaders to improve their own communities. In healthy communities, trafficking is prevented and people groups are thriving.

freedoms-promise-foster-communityTRAFFICKING AWARENESS

We equip individuals to protect their families and communities by providing training to recognize and address vulnerabilities and identify tactics used by traffickers.



We build strong communities by providing basic medical care, educating individuals on nutrition and disease prevention, and mobilizing community health leaders.


freedoms-promise-restore-heartsRestorATION THROUGH CHRIST

We equip local leaders and pastors to instill self-worth through discipleship based in the love of Jesus Christ.


freedoms-promise-develope-skillsINCOME OPPORTUNITIES

We provide dignified employment opportunities for individuals to earn a fair wage in a safe environment.


freedoms-promise-equip-leadersVOCATIONAL TRAINING

We equip at-risk individuals with the skills training needed to secure reliable jobs and provide for their families.



We invest in the next generation of children and young adults by providing safe play spaces and quality learning environments.




From the beginning, we knew it was paramount to prevent human trafficking by partnering with indigenous people. We work to empower and equip local leaders, recognizing that long-term change must come from within and focus on community development, rather than simply providing relief from outside sources.

All of our programs are run by local leaders who are incredibly passionate about building up their communities and nation—instilling hope and dedicating themselves to the transformation of at-risk areas to prevent human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

We work closely with our partners to design each program around the unique needs of each community, implement our THRIVE model, and measure impact.

Our Progress

With the help of people like you, freedom is known by the people we serve in Cambodia.

Hope has been uncovered. And joy has been restored.



have received an



have received quality
health care



empowered through a skill-training program



have committed their lives
to Jesus



have been provided with an employment opportunity



have received trafficking awareness training

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