Our Solution

The long-term eradication of human trafficking requires a prevention strategy. And we believe prevention is achieved by approaching the problem from many different angles.

Stopping Slavery through Community Development

We work to address the physical, economical, emotional, and spiritual components that can contribute to one’s vulnerability to exploitation. Each community is different, requiring tailored responses to the local obstacles.


freedoms-promise-foster-communityTRAFFICKING AWARENESS

We equip individuals to protect their families and communities by providing training to recognize and address vulnerabilities and identify tactics used by traffickers.


We build strong communities by providing basic medical care, educating individuals on nutrition and disease prevention, and mobilizing community health leaders.

freedoms-promise-restore-heartsRestorATION THROUGH CHRIST

We equip local leaders and pastors to instill self-worth through discipleship based in the love of Jesus Christ.

freedoms-promise-develope-skillsINCOME GENERATION

We provide dignified employment opportunities for individuals to earn a fair wage in a safe environment.

freedoms-promise-equip-leadersVOCATIONAL TRAINING

We equip at-risk women with the skills training needed to secure reliable jobs and provide for their families.


We invest in the next generation of children and young adults by providing safe play spaces and quality learning environments.



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