Our Approach

We bridge the gap between passionate individuals who desire to see lasting change in the fight against human trafficking and grassroots leaders who are empowering their own communities.

A few things you should know about how we approach this work:

We work with locals.

We see local leaders as the sustainable solution to restoring communities.

We want lasting change.

We seek to break harmful cycles and sustain progress.

We seek to love like Jesus.

We follow in Jesus’ footsteps of loving people and restoring lives.

We build relationships.

We vet local leaders before partnership and build relationship along the way.

We think about mindset.

We are cautious to avoid creating a mindset of dependence or inadequacy.

We take many angles.

We work to address the root causes that attribute to human trafficking.

We provide accountability.

We measure and monitor impact, and hold our partners accountable.

We welcome all people.

We do not exclude people from our programs who do not share our beliefs.

We raise up people.

We invest in children and seek to raise up a generation to lead their country.

Freedom’s Promise follows the guidelines for financial responsibility and accountability as set forth by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We have been vetted and certified by the ECFA.

In short, we are committed to stewarding your gifts well.


Freedom’s Promise is a 501 (c)3 | P.O. Box 58996, Nashville, TN 37205 | get our emails

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