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Missy Spahn sitting by Pastor Peter as they serve in the Vision Clinic

Post submitted by Missy Spahn after traveling to Cambodia with Freedom’s Promise.

Where do I begin to tell the story of this adventure?

I could tell you about the overwhelming gratitude that swelled in my heart as our team stepped out of the airport in Phnom Penh. Gratitude to God for His provision that brought me here, for people who rallied around me in prayer and financial support, for my husband who sent me with his blessing, for my son, Bobby, who paved the way in Cambodia more than ten years ago and my daughter, Christine, for encouraging me in so many ways as I made plans to come.

I could tell you about the man I met in Poipet who survived the Khmer Rouge. As a boy of ten, he was clubbed in the head and left for dead in a pit full of bodies of other victims. Miraculously, he awoke, climbed out and escaped to the Thai border where he was taken in by rescue organizations. His whole family was killed. Yet, the man I met was full of hope because of Jesus. The reality of Cambodia.

I could tell you about the little boy who held my friend Abby’s hand and guided her steps as we walked through the mud on the street of his slum neighborhood. When we returned to Bridge of Hope, this same boy led us to the hose and rinsed the mud off our shoes and actually bent down to wipe the mud off Abby’s feet. So humbled.

I could tell you about the nurses praying for a person with an infected spider bite and seeing it diminish as they prayed. So amazed.

I could tell you about entering the Lion’s Den and experiencing the power of God’s love coming into those rooms and drawing young women to Jesus and salvation.

I could tell you about young women willing to leave their homes, their husbands, their children to travel to the other side of the world because their love for Christ and devotion to His Kingdom are greater than anything in their lives.

I could tell you about the incredible sense of joy it was to watch the faces of the people as we fit them for reading glasses and words on the page became clear. And the honor it was to pray for each and every one.

I could tell you about praying with one man in particular who knows the love of Jesus but remains in bondage to alcohol.  God took my earnest yet feeble prayer and transformed it with power as my translator Pastor Peter spoke Khmer.

Or I could tell you about the immense pride that wells up in me as I watch my niece, Tiffany, lead Freedom’s Promise with such a beautiful balance of loving-kindness and authority.  Even better, witnessing her totally surrendered to God and operating in the power of the Holy Spirit. NO WORDS!

But, I think I’ll tell you about what God has done for me this week.

My God has become so much bigger.

My heart has become fuller.

My faith has become stronger, surer.

My calling has become clearer.

My desires have become purer.

I will never be the same.

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