FreedomsPromiseHeadshot-Shannon(crop)When we look to hire staff members, our first question is always this:  does this person have the passion for our mission and for hard work that will only move our work forward?

When Shannon came to our attention as a candidate to join the Freedom’s Promise team, that passion was evident.

“The Lord has led me to seasons in life that, in their own right, offered chances to meet him, grow personally, and serve others,” says Shannon. “Joining Freedom’s Promise, in a lot of ways, seems like the place that each of these experiences comes full circle.  We are all part of this grand story God is writing, where the Kingdom is ruled by love.  That love drives me to want to work with Freedom’s Promise to serve these beautiful men, women and children who simply do not deserve the potential to be taken advantage of.”

Having formerly served on the intervention and rehabilitation side of trafficking in Nepal, Shannon has seen the impact first-hand on lives hijacked by forced labor and sexual exploitation.  She is also a skilled marketing professional who has worked with non-profits to connect them with people who are passionate about their mission.

And that’s exactly what Shannon will do with us.  Shannon joins Freedom’s Promise as Director of Community Engagement, which is an official way to say, she wants to get to know you, your organization – from businesses to churches – and how your passion can connect with our mission to prevent human trafficking in the world.  

“We have opportunities from local volunteering at our office and events to going with our teams to serve on a short term mission trip in Cambodia…and everything in between,”  says Shannon.  “One opportunity we are committed to is continuing to build a prayer shield around this ministry and the people who support it here in the U.S. and in Cambodia.”

With the opportunities to expand and grow to new communities who need education and training, so that their lives are protected from being trafficked, we will constantly need to come together on behalf of those we serve.

Interested in helping, or talking about how your church or business can engage?  Talk to Shannon.  We are grateful for your interest!  shannon – at –

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