Grace-filled. Compassionate. Driven.Kanhchany Headshot

These are all words describing Kanhchany, the newest member of the Freedom’s Promise team in Cambodia. Kanhchany will be overseeing the sewing center program as Business Manager. She has an incredible passion for both the prevention of human trafficking and the empowerment of Cambodian women by developing skills that provide economic stability.

“As a Cambodian woman myself, I can attest to a number of challenges Cambodian women are facing,” says Kanhchany, “and how fragile their self-worth is. I have this burning desire to serve underprivileged Cambodian women, especially in the areas of helping them to recognize their identity in Christ, giving them the tools to achieve economic stability, and encouraging them to be all that God wants them to be.”

Kanhchany is currently working to build trust with the women at the center, while also reaching out to other vulnerable women in the surrounding community who live every day at risk of being exploited or abused. The trafficking risk where the sewing center is located is high due to poverty and its location near the Thai border.  With the potential for jobs there, women will often migrate, leaving their support system and exposing themselves to the promise of a job that may ultimately lead to exploitation or abuse.

What we offer through the sewing center is the chance to stay in the community to learn a skill and be financially independent, all in a nurturing environment where the love of Christ is the foundation. Programs that offer this kind of a holistic environment are not common, yet they are an effective way to stop the proliferation of human trafficking because they give a woman self worth and also a very tangible income for her family.

Over the course of the next several months, Kanhchany will further refine the sewing program. She will be going out into the community and recruiting women who need the opportunity of learning a skill, while also scaling the work of the sewing center in a way that contributes to the local economy through job growth.  Kanhchany believes that, to reach these women, we must extend grace, show love, offer understanding, be patient, and pray.

We look forward to this journey as an expanded team, celebrating the amazing accomplishments of these brave women as they craft a healthy life for themselves.

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