What a blessed morning! The group got checked in with no problems and we are on our way to Korea and then Cambodia.  Thank you all for the support you have given to your loved ones and for the continued prayers.

Every time that we go back to Cambodia, the Lord is entrusting us with more responsibility.  We were all tested individually and as a group prior to this trip…even to the point of considering canceling the trip due to the viral outbreak that happened in Cambodia a few weeks ago.  Once the CDC and WHO confirmed what the virus was, we boldly stepped forward in our plans and are trusting the Lord.  It has been humbling to gain the many connections and partnerships that have formed just in this last week prior to our departure.  Some of these seem to be answered prayers that we have been petitioning the Lord for a while.  Not coincidence I know.  We are stepping out in faith, passing the tests set before us to trust God, and it is promised that more will be in entrusted.

If you are reading this then you are a support and prayer warriors for the team.  We treasure you and look forward to updating you as we head back to this amazing country!

In Christ,

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