Super Bowl:Cops Bust Cocaine And Sex Ring – YouTube.

(This is a news story that came out Jan. 31, 2014)

Authorities in the New York area have busted a high end sex trafficking ring, which offered party packages including “sexy, beautiful girls” and narcotics to wealthy customers in New York. The investigation into this ring, lasted a total of 11 months, revealing that the ring generated $3 million in credit card sales last year, and millions in sales from people coming into New York for the Superbowl this past week. Most of the girls rescued were trafficked into the US from Korea.

“This is not viewed any longer as a victimless crime,” said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. “This is viewed as something where women are seized in their own countries, they’re blackmailed and held in captivity. This is a crime with a lot of victims. We are approaching these cases now by identifying the women as victims, not perpetrators.”

Most of the 18 suspects have been arrested and charged with various felony and misdemeanor counts.

At Freedom’s Promise we work to prevent and bring awareness to sex trafficking and its victims in Cambodia; but this is an extremely present and relevant crime here in our own backyard. Pray for the victims of this crime, and for hope to eradicate more crimes like this worldwide.

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