Today we visited our partner Precious Women and I received a haircut and shampoo. Most of the girls coming to PW are coming from the beer garden’s and Karaoke bars. This young woman is unique because several years ago World Vision intervened as her mother tried to sell her to a brothel. She was removed from the family and entered their projects to make jewelry. But this wasn’t her hearts desire and she found her way to our project at PW where she trained to cut hair.
How wonderful that I got to support a prevention success story. One girl, who will NOT know a life of shame, exploitation and terror. She has hope in her future and I got to pay for a service that brings dignity instead of shame. My hair is amazing and the shampoo was so relaxing!
Precious Women has only been around for 1 and a half years but already they are having a significant impact in the lives of young women. I like that their approach is holistic in that they provide counseling for the families as well as the girls. PW wants to help the entire family to ensure the girls have support as they gain vocational training and/or education to build a new life. These girls have siblings that can be as much at risk if the parents are not encouraged in changing their mindset.

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