Claire here, reporting from beautiful Phnom Penh.

Thank you to everyone who covered our team with travel prayers!!  Despite a few flight delays, everybody made it to Cambodia as planned!  Our final team member, Chrissy, just walked through the doors of the lobby – so I can finally say that our entire group is together in one place!  There were also a few wayward bags that have spent the last day finding their way through a world of airports, and I believe those have now arrived as well.  Praise the Lord!

This morning, we woke up to a glorious breakfast at one of our perennial favorites – a little cafe called Java.  It was a full day for the entire group – most people toured the Royal Palace, Toul Sleng (a prison used during the Khmer Rouge), and the killing fields.  It’sa great way to interactively learn about the history of this country, but also a lot to absorb in one day.  Stay tuned to the blog to hear some of the responses to this day.

For some of us who have been to Cambodia before, this day was full of clinic preparations, meetings, and other various errands around the city.  I took a few girls and spent most of the day picking through the city to find the very best products to bring back to the US for Freedom’s Promise.  Our goal is to sell only the best quality, fairly traded products that are made under good working conditions.  We bring these back to sell as a way to support our partners here in Cambodia.  These products are sold at most of our fundraising events, and we are in the process of developing a store on the FP website, so the products will be available at your fingertips!

It’s hard to think of a better day, than one spent roaming around an amazing city andbuying products that are supporting amazing projects!  Buying in bulk…in another country…with a language barrier…can be a little complex at times, but through the grace of God we were able to sail through the process AND have fun at the same time.

I am thankful for those small victories, especially in a country where pain and heartache is so present.  Even as I write this, women are being purchased for the night….in the room I am sitting in.  It’s a hard reality, and one that we are committed to fight against.  Thank you for joining us in our efforts to change lives in this place.

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