I am so honored to be a part of this forever life changing mission trip.

During this trip, I was asked to pray for a woman with very bad neck pain that kept
her from moving her head. I asked what was wrong and tried to build trust between her and Jesus. After about 3 minutes of talking to her, she allowed me to lay my hand on her and pray. After I finished praying the first time, I asked her if anything changed and she said that her pain was reduced from 10 to 3 (I used this method to see if she felt better). We all praised Jesus for what he did in her life!

Afterwards, I requested to pray for a second time and this gentle hearted lady allowed me to pray for her again. After the second prayer, I asked her how her pain was again and
surprisingly she told us she had 0 pain. We were so amazed by what God
did for her! Right after our prayer, her daughter who drove her to the
clinic saw that she was healed and she also opened her heart and asked us to pray
for her.

This testimony showed me very clearly that our God is faithful. He commanded us to go and He will always be with us! (Matt 28:18-20)

-Phanet Kim, Freedom’s Promise Staff

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