Freedom’s Healing is an initiative of Freedom’s Promise that offers physical and spiritual care in Cambodia through medical clinics, health education, and Bible study. It is a part of our commitment to holistically develop Cambodian communities in order to prevent human trafficking. Caroline White is the coordinator of Freedom’s Healing and this is her story.

In 2009, we met a man who had lost one of his legs from a Khmer Rouge landmine, and since then had suffered frequent infection.  He did not have the financial ability to purchase assistive devices to provide stability while walking and only had access to poor healthcare.  When he was seen in our clinic, he told me, “I’m not sure about your God, but would you pray to him and ask for a wheelchair for me?”  I assured him that I would pray for him, and I did.  After returning home, I shared his story with my home church.  A woman in the congregation stood up and said she wanted to donate her late father’s wheelchair, which was in perfect condition.  Another person stood up immediately and pledged the money to transport the wheelchair to Cambodia.
Seven months later, my team returned to Cambodia with the wheelchair.  Now, his wheelchair is a tangible reminder that God is faithful and he hears our prayers.  He cares for our needs, physically and spiritually.Freedom’s Healing, an initiative of Freedom’s Promise, was birthed about 5 years ago after the first medical team taken to serve in Cambodia. We were moved by the example of Jesus Christ in the gospels. Wherever He went he always met people’s physical needs before meeting their spiritual ones. Whether feeding the five thousand or healing the sick, we see a picture of a gospel-centered ministry that is utterly holistic. This is what drives Freedom’s Healing—a ministry that desires to be holistic and be a part of the physical and spiritual healing taking place in the beautiful country of Cambodia, through medical clinics, health education, and VBS.
Over the years, our teams of Providers, Nurses, Dentists, Physical therapists, and counselors have treated thousands of Cambodian people. Most patients we are blessed to see each time we return. This is huge and has been such a beautiful part of Freedom’s Healing—to build rapport and relationship with the people we love. In 2009, Ill never forget our first clinic. We were expecting 50 people at our open air clinic in the village. When we arrived, it was like the flood gates opened and there were hundreds of people who had been waiting hours. Hungry for hope. Hungry for healing. Such a humbling time.

Looking ahead, we will continue to take teams to Cambodia to build on our existing programs and to care for acute health needs. A huge focus of Freedom’s healing is education and this coming trip we will be conducting evening courses of Health education training for key individuals who play vital roles in their community. The hope and goal is that in 10 years many of the illnesses we treat in the clinics will become nonexistent due to proper education and lifestyle modifications.  We also have a vision for partnership with medical and nursing schools in Cambodia and a hope for a clinic that would operate in one of the neediest areas of the country, with a major focus, again, on health education and disease prevention. It is an exciting time for Freedom’s Healing. The work is plentiful, but the Almighty’s hand has not led us where His power, grace, wisdom, and healing haven’t moved mightily and met us, and I know He will continue the good work He began. All praise and honor and glory be to HIM.

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