As an organization, our mission is prevention of human trafficking and child exploitation in Cambodia, but we are ever mindful of the atrocities of human trafficking happening in our backyards. Several articles have posted lately regarding the Super Bowl and increased sex trafficking during this game. We have posted several articles to our Facebook site and I have also provided below. I want to encourage you to always seek the truth for yourselves and not just consume what the media tells you. Look to the global impact of the issues and seek reliable sources that have a birds eye view on the issues.
We want to celebrate the recent rescue of young girls and the arrest of pimps surrounding the Super Bowl. We are thankful that law enforcement continues to gain a better understanding of  the issues surrounding trafficking and are striving to cooperate in their efforts to find and stop these trafficking rings.
We also want to present the global perspective to stay mindful that events like the Super Bowl are happening worldwide and to an even greater devastation of lives.  Rachael Lloyd, founder of GEMS presents compelling information regarding the dangers of inflating stats about trafficking and challenges us to see the big picture outside of events like the Super Bowl.
The reality is that every day, in every community across the United States and around the world children are marginalized, forgotten, taken, forced into prostitution and trafficked. Every day! Not just during events like the Super Bowl, but 365 days every year. Is it wonderful that heightened FBI attention resulted in the rescuing of victims?  Absolutely! Let’s not lose sight of the war we are waging that presents much larger than one event. This is why the heart of Freedom’s Promise is to create safe communities where children will not be marginalized – where they will not fall through the cracks – where they will not be trafficked.  Our programs allow these potential victims to instead know love and support as they grow up, to attend and graduate from school, to get good jobs and help shape the future of their country. Join us in waging a war against trafficking one community at a time.
– Amber Barron, founder

Article Links:

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