The last clinic day has come to a close, and I can safely say that we are all happily exhausted.  From beginning to end, every single day of clinics has been wonderful.  Of course, there have been challenges unique to practicing medicine in a developing country, but this group has taken them in stride.  We have cared for people and their health care needs in locations from inner city slums, to government offices, to rural villages…and everything in between.  The final clinic was in a slum that had a road so rutted and muddy that it was impassable except on foot.  Despite the pouring rain, we were able to carry our supplies into the house offered to us, and continue business as usual!

We have been so blessed to have a team of translators that is second to none.  Their role is so crucial in our ministry, and they rose to meet the challenge.  Over dinner tonight, we had time to honor this amazing group of people who have all quickly become our dear friends…there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

As with any short trip overseas, our schedule has been packed, and it’s been hard to find extra time to put our words to paper, but Alison has kindly shared some thoughts. – Claire

I have learned that God likes to use us at our most vulnerable state.  We all come here to serve and are each amazed at what the Lord is speaking to us.  Most of us are “Type A” people.  We enjoy controlling our lives, our jobs, our relationships, and here we are – outside of every comfort zone possible. 

As Phanet said in our devotion today, “We are Peter, being called out of the boat.”  A theme is developing in our daily devotions, in our conversations with each other & our translators…our surrendering it all to Him – our struggles, our fears, our worries.  As we are here serving some of HIS most under-served children, He is taking the time to comfort us.  That is the Father we serve. – Alison

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