A visit to one of our new friend’s village made us feel at home when we’re so far away. Phanet, one of our amazing translators, took us home with him to help the kind people of his village, Chrong Sdao. The exotically colored church stood strong for all our nurses and doctors. Our amazing team saw over 60 grateful villagers. The patients were tended to with care and a touch of God’s hand. The people of Chrong Sdao were focused and dedicated to learning and working to better improve their futures. The land that made up the village was beautiful, surrounded by rice farms for miles to see. The children were friendly, smart and so thankful for the simple gifts they received. They were amazed by the colorful balloons that exhausted our lungs and even more amazed when they could decorate them with stickers and stamps. The lively town became even more colorful with balloons and smiles! Lucky for us, Phanet and his family welcomed us home for lunch. Being around these amazing people is all it takes to make us preserver. Continue to pray. The days are long and hot, but so incredibly worth every minute. – Lindsay Paris

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