Trip update from Board Member Sheri Czarnota:

I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia with the most recent trip. As I look back at all the photos from my time in Cambodia, the ones that hit my heart the most (besides the beautiful Cambodian people!) are the before and after photos.

These photos were open, empty spaces which became filled with creation. 


What a great representation physically — and spiritually!  It’s so easy to look at those pictures and say there was nothing – and now there is something.  But it’s the stuff in between those two prepositions (before and after) that the hard work is done.  Early mornings.  Hot days.  Hard work. No sleep.  Lots of laughter.  New skills learned.  Sore muscles.  New relationships. Teamwork.

Those pictures remind of how God takes those “empty spaces” in our lives and transforms them.  For some, it’s a simple whisper to create something new in them that takes their character to the next level.  And sometimes it’s the get-on-your-knees, lean into Him and cry it out kind of transformation that makes you stand up with the strength only He can provide to get you where He needs you to be.  Such love He has for us!  As we all return to our homes and our families and friends, we are not the same creation as before we left.  We have done our work to build His kingdom in Cambodia, while our Builder has done His work in us filling in those empty spaces.

God is in the midst of Freedom’s Promise doing an amazing and wonderful work half a world away.  I am so thankful and blessed for the opportunity I have to serve with Freedom’s Promise.  But most of all, it is you – our supporters.  Whatever your capacity – financially, prayerfully, and going to Cambodia on mission with us – THANK YOU!  Knowing you come alongside us at Freedom’s Promise gives me encouragement to continue doing what we do. You are appreciated and loved.

For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

–1 Corinthians 3:9


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