The team has been going hard for 10 days and yesterday they got to take a bit of a break and tour the amazing Angor Wat Temples. So it is fun time but they are still out in the heat hiking up and around temples. They ended the day with dinner and a show, experiencing traditional Khmer dancing. It is wonderful to see that the Khmer culture and arts have survived the Khmer Rouge genocide. The outfits are intricate and beautiful and the dancing tells the story of life in Cambodia when times were playful and sweet.

Today the team traveled back to Phnom Penh where they will meet with our partners Kone Kmeng and Precious Women. They will conduct one more clinic for the women in our Night Outreach project, learn about our partners and the work Freedom’s Promise does to prevent human trafficking and child sex slavery, then prepare to catch a late flight home. It’s hard to believe the trip is coming to a close. The team will be seriously jet lagged when they get back so don’t be surprised if they sleep for a couple of days and are slow to check in with you. I’ll keep you posted on their travel status and arrival times.

Because we had a hard time posting blogs daily about the team and the wonderful work they were doing – we are going to post a series of blogs over the next week sharing about the beautiful Cambodian people, the clinic/VBS work and how the team was impacted by their time in Cambodia. Thank you for the support and prayers! Keep them coming as the team comes home.

– Amber

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