My intention before this trip was to have a group member and hopefully myself sit down daily to update you on our prayer requests, struggles, and what we are doing during the day.  Of course, my intentions are nothing when God begins his work!  We underestimated the suffering, the needs, and the love that we would receive here this time.  I have wondered over the past years if these trips were truly God’s plan and I now believe that he has called this program of Freedom’s Promise to bring mission teams here to aid the people of Cambodia because he is entrusting us with more responsibility every time.  That said, even though we have not had the time to update often or to fill you in on details, the prayers and thoughts you are sending to us (even the general ones) mean so much and are reaching us!!!  You have placed a hedge of protection around our group and we are so thankful for not only your prayers, but for your patience in waiting there as we are working in Cambodia.

I am overwhelmed!  I am overwhelmed with the suffering and hurts of the people in Cambodia; I am overwhelmed at the way God is working here and for the privilege of being part of it.  I am also overwhelmed with the actions of this group.  They have given so much every single day.  They smile even though they are fighting illness and exhaustion.  They have been able to show love to each of the people coming to see us even though the initial group numbers seem like more than we can serve during that outreach day.  I am SO PROUD of each and every one of your family and friends!!!  I think they are amazing!!!

Each day we have gotten up so early to eat a brief breakfast, focus our hearts with a devotional and then we start full force for our outreach.  The villages have been chosen by our Cambodian missionaries so that we are able to serve the people that they will continue relationships with.  We have provided medical clinics, VBS with the precious children, and service acts including delivering food, digging, building, and many others.  Each of these acts have been done with love and a servants heart.  We are truly amazed at what God is doing here and with us!!!

Thank you again for your understanding in our lack of communication.  I truly wanted to do better and I have not been able to even send my family an update (so a personal “hello and I love you” to you guys!!!).  Prayer requests for the remainder of the trip include:  Protection over our health and safety; protection over our hearts as we begin to deal with all that we have seen and been witness to here…its difficult to leave; more than anything, protection and prayers for the people here.  I love them so much…we all love them so much and they are suffering.  Many are suffering both spiritually and physically.  It’s so difficult for us to leave them, but we are trusting in the sovereignty of our Lord and of the capable hands of our Cambodian missionaries here that are living this every day.  Please pray for them as well.

We are so amazed at this “DIVINE RENDEZVOUS”!!!
– note from team lead and board chair, Tiffany Atkinson

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