Today we went to a village outside of Phenom Phen and ministered to the people by setting up medical clinics, having vacation bible school, and doing community outreach. The needs of these particular people are great – the government forced them from their homes in Phenom Phen using bulldozers, tear gas, and brute force. These people had to leave everything behind and start completely over. Injustice runs rampant, even in 2011.

The children are so precious. We all get misty-eyed when looking into their sweet faces. We are reminded that Jesus said let the little children come to him. We are also reminded of innocence and how Jesus told us that we will enter the Kingdom of Heaven like children.

The medical team did an incredible job – diagnosing, treating, and caring for the people. Jesus had compassion on the people as he went from town to town and healed the blind, the lame, and the sick. We are his hands and feet on this trip, and it is a humbling and moving experience.

Although I (Mike) am not on the medical team, I could see their compassion and how they utilize their skills in amazing ways. It was awesome to witness and I am so blessed to be apart of such an incredible group of talented people.

A couple of us did some outreach in the community, praying for those in need and listening to them express their hopes and fears.

Our God is an amazing God and we are so blessed to be apart of His Kingdom on this earth.

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