Day 1 in Phnom Penh has been amazing. We first met with Koy Chim of Teen Challenge to hear more about his projects. We were so impressed with him and the holistic approach he has taken. First, not many folks are working with the teens of Cambodia. Within the scope of anti-trafficking work, girls and women are the focus. The reality is that many boys are victims of sexual exploitation.

Koy started a place for boys addicted to drugs to live and rehabilitate. They work eco-farming the land and raising livestock, while detoxing and healing from their abusive pasts. Then they move onto education and vocational training. Think boys ranch and you are on the right track. Koy’s entire approach is holistic not only in their healing but in running the farm. They raise pigs and use the manure to produce methane. Oh, and did I mention he is completely sustainable and doesn’t require funding for the boys home?!

He was later approached about starting a similar place for girls and has done so. This is still in production and is not yet sustainable – hence our meeting this morning. They currently have 9 girls and will eventually house 30. Already they have transformed the property they rent and are having an impact in the community. Koy and his wife have 4 children and devote time, resources and their own money to changing the lives of the destitute. It is rare to find Cambodian’s with vision and the ability to execute their vision. We have already partnered with two such visionaries in Phany and Lida and knew within 2 minutes that Koy was in this rare group. We look forward to pursuing a partnership with Koy and Teen Challenge!

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