A wonderful story of hope and transformation in a child’s life through our supplemental education class.

“I am Chit Chinda. I am 9 years old.  I live in Ou Chrov district Banteay Meanchey province with my old grandmother.  My parents have moved across the border to work in Thailand for two years.  My parents have never come back to visit us beside sending some money but it is not enough for our living.  So everyday my grandmother works in the field to support our living. 

 Before, I attended a local primary school. The school was not so far from my village but I didn’t attend it regularly because I had to stay at home to take care my younger brother and also to do housework.  I was not able to read and write Khmer, I wanted to give up from my school for many times.

 One day, a church in my village started a class where I attended.  Just for over a year, I am able to read and write Khmer well.  I learn at the church  morality and the bible.  Now I am feeling good for my study because I am progressing of my skills in reading and writing.  At home, I also help to teach my brother the basic Khmer literacy. 

I am thankful to the church and donor to set up this class.  It has been so helpful to me and other children.”

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