by FP Intern: Bethany McArthur

             [Note from original writer Amber Barron: In the May newsletter we posted an article on child sodomy and rape on Facebook. It was my first heated response and I knew some would be inspired and some would be bothered. I typically report and educate but this one got under my skin and I wanted to challenge our readers to really look at this horror that American children are facing. We will continue to look at this issue in our June and July newsletters. We want to provide our readers with more information and then with a list of actions that can be taken against Facebook. Knowledge equals action and we want to provide you with opportunities to act. Even small movements can shake an empire and that is what pornography has become. We have a passionate summer intern who will be covering this issue for us. Bethany has covered the June story in the series and will help us develop solid action steps we as a community of abolitionists can take to let Facebook know that sexually abusing and exploiting a child is unacceptable.] 

Often when we think of pornography, we think of what society has glamorized of it. For instance, movies are now made with nudity and graphic sex scenes. We think of the Hollywood actresses that are using their bodies to land roles. We think of porn stars like Jenna Jameson that won an award for her autobiography centered on her life selling sex. When thinking of pornography, we think in terms of those choosing to sell their bodies for the sexual appetite of the consumer. However, what about those people that don’t have a choice and their bodies are exploited? We don’t think about the millions of children that are forced to participate in the sexual appetite of a pedophile.

It is so hard to believe that this horrid crime has reached our social networking friend named Facebook, but it’s time to open our eyes and believe it. On part 2 of the WND’s series on Facebook’s struggle with child porn, staff writer Chelsea Schilling included a compelling statistic. For instance, she referenced a 2007 Federal Bureau of Prisons study that revealed that 85 percent of convicted Internet offenders confessed to sexual abuse against minors. So, not only are these people viewing these heinous images, but more times than not they are harming these children.

While the article focuses a large portion of blame on the internet, an even bigger portion should be focused on our awareness as Facebook users and as Americans. This is happening to American children in our country on a site that has 50 million active users. How hard is it to contact Facebook and complain? While it is so easy to read articles like this and feel bad for these children, empathy is what it takes to truly commit to fighting for these children. One way of doing this is thinking of these victims as your own children. Would you want this happening to your child and someone that you knew turned a blind eye? Part three of this article series will feature a list of steps that Freedoms Promise believe will aid in combating pedophiles using facebook to exploit children.

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