Ready to take part in a day of giving to Nashville’s nonprofits?  

Scroll to see a short video that explains how the day works!  Remember, when you partner with Freedom’s Promise, you are investing in the expansion of trafficking prevention projects that are ready to start.  It’s part of our goals this year to educate an additional 220 students in our education programs, engage with more at-risk communities that need our resources, and literally place a stake in the ground against trafficking by building a new school and hiring staff and program managers.

On Big Payback Day – May 3rd – your DONATIONS ARE DOUBLED up to $16,000.  So, when you give $25, it becomes $50, thanks to generous donors.  

Invite others to donate on Big Payback day!  Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to share our posts about Big Payback with your circles, and be part of the work to prevent human trafficking.

What is The Big Payback?

The Big Payback is a day dedicated to giving back to Nashville’s non-profits.  And, it’s a little competitive, with prizes given around the clock to non-profits that raise the most funds or from the most donors for certain time periods throughout the day.  Check out this video to learn more!

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