“When I was young, my father would get drunk and become violent. Because of our situation in Cambodia, my mother took us into Thailand to find a job.”
16-year-old Cambodian girl

Every day children like this young girl migrate from their rural communities to seek a better life.  But their aspirations can quickly turn into a living nightmare – slavery, torture, wickedness at its worst.

This is human trafficking. This is what we work to stop.

We exist to bring freedom to the oppressed by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ, preventing human trafficking, and restoring communities.

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We believe freedom, joy and an abundant life are worth fighting for in the lives of all people. We believe empowered communities are vital to eradicating human trafficking.

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“Community health education helped open doors, facilitate conversation and present opportunities to share the greatest love story of all time, the Gospel, while teaching healthy living practices, such as how to prepare food safely and how to purify water with limited resources.”
– Kathryn Sparks, Freedom’s Promise Champion


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