Chris Eckhoff shares about a miraculous healing while serving in Cambodia:

I spent the day working at the vision clinic with a dear interpreter. We saw many people and were able to provide them with reading glasses. During this time, a very old man came to see us. In talking to him he told us he wanted glasses for his good eye and he was blind in the other. I had suspected he was blind in that eye because of its appearance. We were able to find a pair of reading glasses for him but before he left we asked if we could pray for him to Jesus about his eye. He was not a Christian but he agreed. I was able to get Tiffany over to lead the prayer. Several team members came over and we laid out hands on him and began to pray asking for the healing that only God could provide. When finished with the prayer he said that his eye felt cool. We asked if we could pray some more. We laid hands on him again and prayed with expectation that God would give sight back to this man. He then said he was able to see, not clearly but able to see! With his seeing eye covered, he was to point to and tell us what he could see. I can’t put into words what this was like. It was amazing! The Lord healed him! We gave thanks and praise. There were shouts and tears of joy. When asked if he wanted to know more about Jesus he said yes. One of our Cambodian doctors sat with him and talked to him about the Lord and this man accepted Jesus! I feel so blessed and privileged to be part of building God’s kingdom.

O Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if you save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for you alone! – Jeremiah 17:14 NLT


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