Thursday am clinic stationed at Bridge of Hope, I had a man come to my station with an obvious limp and contraction of his left leg. In doing his assessment, I was told through my translator he had a large tree root fall on him many years ago. He had pain from lower back to his toes. I was saddened because I was doubtful we would be able to do much more than pain medication.  I looked up from my station and saw a rare moment when Tiffany was not busy. I asked her to come pray with us for this dear man. He agreed to let us pray for him. He rated his pain at 7 (from 1-10). After our first prayer he rated it at 5, so we prayed again. This time a smile came over his face and we asked him to move about some to see how he felt. The more he moved, the bigger his smile became. We had him worked wth at the therapy station, instructed him on pain medication and then return for a 3rd prayer. The mobility he had after our third prayer was amazing. He turned from side to side with ease of pain, but as importantly was the smile that spread from ear to ear. He continued to have his limp, but his mobility and release of pain was so evident. I truly witnessed a healing miracle of God.

Another lady returned to clinic today from 2 years ago that was seen due to an extremely infected spider bite on her lower leg. She was prayed over at length due to severity and urgency of the infection. I was told before their eyes, the infected area began to diminish.  She returned the next day to be examined with  minimal area of infection. She spoke praises to the ministries of Freedom’s Promise, but more importantly to our God. Since her healing she has begun a ministry to the local people working in a village near the school. She shared that she felt so blessed by the people at the clinic last year, she had to continue to share God’s love.

My heart is so full of love and admiration for the people  of Cambodia, the staff of Freedom’s Promise and all the amazing people that are working to bring the teaching of Christianity to this country. It only takes a mustard seed!


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