Stateside Team

Tiffany Atkinson

Executive Director

“As a mother of two, my love for children has only grown over the years and I can feel the burning love that God has for His children worldwide. Serving with Freedom’s Promise allows the opportunity to bring this joy and freedom to community groups who have been without.”

Jillian Williams

Director of Operations

“At the heart of Freedom’s Promise is a commitment to equip people to empower their own communities. It’s a deep honor to come alongside local partners and support them as they influence and encourage their own communities from the inside.”

Becky McElrath

Office Manager

“I am privileged to watch what God is about to do in Cambodia by transforming lives and communities as Freedom’s Promise shines forth Grace to a country that has spent so many years in darkness.”

Stacey Wensil

Cambodia Program Director

“I love that we create safe places for children to have their innocence protected and to dream about the possibilities for their future. And I love that if we walked away today, our partners would continue to thrive because our vision has always been to be a support system.”

Shannon Gygi

Director of Community Engagement

“We are together caught up in a grand story. It is a story of a Kingdom ruled by love that never stops hoping, believing and pursuing. It is a story that transforms nations and transforms the one. It is a joy to live unto this story and to invite others into it through Freedom’s Promise.”

Carre Coy

Director of Development

“Being part of the team at Freedom’s Promise allows me to begin building God’s kingdom here on earth through the restoration of communities and good news of hope through Jesus Christ. It gives me great joy to connect people across the globe.”

Mark Roye

Compassion Acts Program Manager

“One of the main things that comes to mind when I think about Freedom’s Promise (FP) is Love; it is the driving force behind all that we do.  At the very heart of FP, we seek to transform communities and people.  We develop a community of Love where everyone feels the love of our Heavenly Father and from us.  Love is the Promise we have for Freedom.”

In-Country Team

Phanet Kim

“I love how we are continuing Jesus’ mission to bring Freedom and to make it real in people’s lives.”

Kanhchany Sipha

“Freedom’s Promise consists of individuals who are eager to say “YES!” to God, and to be used by Him in bringing holistic restoration and growth to local vulnerable communities in Cambodia. I am thrilled that we are on a mission to empower, equip, and develop local people to lead courageously; to live with hope and dignity, and to passionately pursue their God-ordained destiny.”

Our stateside staff and in-country team work to empower and equip local leaders for community restoration and the prevention of modern-day slavery.


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