Our mission is to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation in Cambodia through individualized community development programs, resulting in trafficking-free safe zones.



Cambodia’s history of the Khmer Rouge genocide along with current trends of extreme poverty, lack of education, and family migration has resulted in Cambodian children and adults being trafficked, exploited, and abused. Consider these statistics:

  • 35% of the sexually exploited are children under the age of 16 ; some as young as 5 years old (UNICEF)
  • Almost all labor trafficked victims repatriated from Thailand and Vietnam are children from Cambodia (UNIAP)
  • As many as 1/3 of the sexually exploited in Cambodia are children (EPCAT)
  • Over 20,000 children in the capital of Phnom Penh are living and/or working on the streets
  • 64% of Cambodian children report knowing a child who has been raped by an adult, while over 20% indicate witnessing the rape of a child in their community


Since 2009, Freedom’s Promise has made an impact in the lives of Cambodians through our services and through sharing Christ’s love. We have:

  • Enrolled over 1,300 children in our educational projects
  • Provided over 16 trips to serve the people of Cambodia
  • Provided annual quality-training seminars to community leaders
  • Seen over 4,300 patients in our health clinics, with each patient hearing the Gospel, receiving medical care, and receiving education for nutrition and disease prevention. Our Cambodian partners also provide follow-up spiritual care for each patient
  • Committed support for the Cambodian partner-run university dorms where 24 students are pursuing college degrees

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